Quality Service
"I would recommend Boise Air Dust cleaning for your air duct cleaning. They have prompt, friendly, and professional service. I was having problems with my allergies so a friend recommended having my air ducts cleaned. I searched the Internet and found Boise Air Duct Cleaning. After they cleaned my air ducts my allergy symptoms were reduced immediately. Thank you Boise Air Duct Cleaning. "
Coni Neighbor
Boise, ID

Hard worker, Respectful, Convenient
Ryan from Boise Air Duct Cleaning came to my house to help me fish out my wedding ring, which had rolled into a duct opening and a few feet down the duct tube. Ryan arrived on time and was very respectful of my wood floors, which I told him scratch easily. He used his camera to look down the duct and find my ring. (This was also great, because he was able to tell me that my ducts were actually still pretty clean.) He used a couple of different vacuum nozzles and then a long wire hook to finally pull my ring out. I could tell that he is a very hard worker, and he was also a nice person too. When it came to payment, I was also pleasantly surprised that they use PayPal if you want to pay with a credit card. I just logged into my PayPal account and sent them a payment. I would definitely recommend Boise Air Duct Cleaning, and I will call them again when it's time to clean my ducts.
Boise, Idaho

The air and odor is noticeably fresher and cleaner
"When we moved into our home, my daughter started sneezing continuously. After our air ducts were cleaned her sneezing stopped. The tech at Boise Air Duct Cleaning showed me how dirty our ducts were with his video camera and TV. The dust was so thick inside. He even sucked up a mouse and feces. The air and odor is noticeably fresher and cleaner. Boise Air Duct Cleaning also had the best rates in town, very affordable!"
Connie Rea
Meridian, Idaho