Idaho HVAC Cleaners | Boise Air Duct Cleaning Services

Before/After Video Inspection
We will show you the difference! Boise Air Duct Cleaning uses video inspection to show you what your air ducts look like after the cleaning, so you can be sure they really are clean!

Air Duct Cleaning
Your air ducts are individually brushed with a spinning brush that sweeps the contaminants from the sides of the air ducts. A powerful air sweep is sent in the ducts to remove the contaminants. The contaminants are vacuumed into a powerful gas powered vacuum system. We also include a free furnace blowout with every air duct cleaning purchased.

Air Duct Sanitization
An environmentally friendly sanitizer is fogged into the system to remove any bacteria, mold, or fungus in the HVAC system.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Fires are started when lint builds up in the dryer vent. Dryers can overheat when the airflow is reduced. Cleaning these lines will mean less maintenance and replacement of dryers. Dryer times are reduced saving energy costs. This should be done yearly. We have a dryer vent program, and returning customers get great specials!

Air Conditioner Cleaning
Dirt and debris collects on the outside Air Conditioning unit and needs cleaned every spring before turning on the system or during the summer season. Cleaning of Air Conditioner coils saves energy costs. This helps the unit run more efficiently prolonging the life of the unit.

Full Furnace Cleaning
We remove the blower, clean the coils and clean it from top to bottom.

Duct sealing
Duct sealing of the duct work to reduce air loss in the system.